Foul Play magazine
Foul Play magazine
Foul Play is a new kind of true crime magazine.

"For your fair sakes have we neglected time, Play'd foul play with our oaths."

— BEROWN, Love's Labour's Lost


Foul Play is a new kind of true crime magazine. We reject sensational exposés and instead choose to investigate the cultural and social significance of crime.

Rather than encouraging readers to revel in macabre details of a human being's demise we direct you to look at what led to that crime or how its aftermath was dealt with. Sometimes we'll find corners of the story that may seem insignificant, but we think are worthy of our time.

Foul Play is not looking to profit from pain or hound people for the perfect paparazzi shot of a murderer. We won't be tapping any victims' phones for a juicy scoop. We report about crime remembering that there are humans on both sides:  the victim and the perpetrator.  

We're an indy magazine, so let's be honest: we're not really expecting any profit. But just in case some does head our way we're donating 50% of any profits made on issue one to charity.

Foul Play Issue One

Order Foul Play Issue One. Publishing December 2017.

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