Foul Play Magazine

Foul Play is a new kind of true crime magazine.

We reject sensational exposés and instead choose to investigate the cultural and social significance of crime.

Rather than encouraging readers to revel in macabre details of a human being's demise we direct you to look at what led to that crime or how its aftermath was dealt with. Sometimes we'll find corners of the story that may seem insignificant, but we think are worthy of our time.

Foul Play is not looking to profit from pain or hound people for the perfect paparazzi shot of a murderer. We won't be tapping any victims' phones for a juicy scoop. We report about crime remembering that there are humans on both sides:  the victim and the perpetrator.  




We're delighted to announce that issue 2 is OUT NOW -- and it's looking criminally good (if we do say so ourselves).

We introduce our first theme: Crimes Against Nature. Botanical theft, fowl play and how one unlikely man staged the greatest natural history heist of all time. Also, we meet an artist who collected over 8000 dime-bags to highlight one city's drug problem, plus there's also our usual advice for what the discerning true crime fan should be reading, watching and listening to.

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FP Issue 02

Act I starts with our Foul Playlist, so tune in and turn up the volume, before cringing at our new Confessions page. Take a trip to Mexico to see The Big Picture and say hello to Fair Play, a new recurring column celebrating the people who are using their considerable powers for good crime-related causes. And fedora wearers, rejoice; our Crimes Against Fashion page has you covered.

Act II returns with more long-form features and we introduce our first ever theme: crimes against nature. Read the story of the greatest natural history heist of all time and one man’s obsessive search to find the culprit. There’s also a beautiful photo story about botanical theft, and a floating take on a telly show that revolved around a cannabis dealer. (OK, so we ran with the plants theme…) In similar territory, meet the artist who collected 8,000 dime bags in a year to highlight his home city’s drug problem. Unsure what a dime bag is? You’ll be an expert after this.


Act III remains the place to find out what you should be reading, watching and listening to. You can now even get advice on where to stay: Day Release is our first ever guide to a crime-themed long weekend. But don’t actually commit any, please.


As ever, what you’ll find within these pages is free of blood, gore and sensationalism. There are no photos of crime scenes or serial killers. Instead, you’ll find crime writing. sensitively handled, on what we hope is an illuminating variety of subjects. Enjoy.

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