Press & Responses to Foul Play Issue 1


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Hunt a Killer podcast 'Behind True Crime'


STYLIST: Can the crime genre ever be feminist?


VICE: 'Foul Play' Is the True Crime Magazine Made by Women -


 “Me and so many of my most brilliant friends are OBSESSED with true crime stories and police procedurals and bad guys and bad women. So Foul Play is SO MY speed and yet nothing like any true crime mag you or I have ever picked up”

– terri white, editor-in-chief, empire


"Filled with brilliant ideas and great execution"

– Rob Orchard, co-founder, Delayed Gratification 


 “Really impressed… At last – an indie mag launch that breaks new ground, is well written, stands out from the crowd and is smartly designed despite being produced on a shoestring” 

– Fraser Allen, c.e.o., White Light Media 


Press release

You can download our press release for the magazine's issue 1 launch here