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Monocle Radio 24 - The Stack - 'The Best in Print'

The Stack is Monocle’s take on the world of print, focusing on everything from the glossiest fashion title to the grittiest newspaper.

Emma and Grace were interviewed to discuss the release of Foul Play Magazine

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Hunt a Killer podcast 'Behind True Crime'

Behind True Crime is a biweekly conversation with different types of people working within the genre of true crime: criminologists, writers, directors, podcasters, detectives, and more. 

Emma and Grace were interviewed to discuss the magazine and their take on true crime.

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What Page Are You On

Prolific readers Alice Slater and Bethany Rutter take a literary theme, from ghost stories to crime to fat women, and chat about it for the next 40 minutes.

Emma and Grace joined for the book club episode reviewing: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

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Media Voices

A weekly podcast of media news and views, kicking off with our take on the week’s media machinations followed by an interview with a leading light from media organisations across the world, including Facebook, Twitter, The Times and The Economist.

This week we hear from Grace Harrison, founder of true crime magazine Foul Play on managing a magazine as a side hustle, what mainstream titles can learn from independents, and what makes Foul Play an altogether classier type of true crime title.




PHOENIX: How (and why) women are reclaiming true crime

“Once an embarrassing and borderline misogynist pursuit, true crime stories are enjoying a female-led renaissance’

STYLIST: Can the crime genre ever be feminist?

“It’s clear that women are looking to reclaim the narrative around crime. Two women doing just that are Emma Hardy and Grace Harrison, the founders of new quarterly true crime magazine Foul Play

 VICE: 'Foul Play' Is the true crime magazine made by women

“[Foul Play] seeks to satiate our fascination with real life murders without resorting to sensationalism”

STYLIST (print & online): Why crime thrillers need to show women more respect

One innovative new release underlining this cerebral movement is Foul Play magazine. Creators Emma Hardy and Grace Harrison describe it as “the first female-led, non-sensational true-crime magazine”, featuring beautiful photography and considered, long-form journalism.

“There’s been a seedy image for true crime that’s beginning to lift,” they explain. “With Foul Play, we wanted to explore true crime in a beautifully produced way. There’s no blood or pictures of murderers.”

STYLIST (print & online): What’s behind our obsession with cold case crime stories?

As co-creator of Foul Play magazine, the first female-led, non-sensational true crime magazine, [Grace Harrison] believes most women respond to cold cases with “an extraordinary level of empathy and a strong desire for crimes to be solved. Perhaps we feel a deeper level of injustice because historically women are so often the victims.”


 “Me and so many of my most brilliant friends are OBSESSED with true crime stories and police procedurals and bad guys and bad women. So Foul Play is SO MY speed and yet nothing like any true crime mag you or I have ever picked up”

– Terri White, editor-in-chief, empire

 “I LOVE Foul Play”

– Steve Anglesey, The New European


"Filled with brilliant ideas and great execution"

– Rob Orchard, co-founder, Delayed Gratification 


 “Really impressed… At last – an indie mag launch that breaks new ground, is well written, stands out from the crowd and is smartly designed despite being produced on a shoestring” 

– Fraser Allen, c.e.o., White Light Media 

Press releases

You can download our press release for the magazine's issue 1 launch here