FP Issue 01: Digital Edition

FP Issue 01: Digital Edition

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This is the digital edition of Foul Play Issue One. Upon ordering you’ll be emailed a download link (get in there quickly, the link expires after 24 hours).

This issue starts with Act I: light-hearted introductions to the genre. We look at what it takes to make a true-crime podcast, and what motivates one anxiety-ridden woman to listen to them.

In Act II, we hear about one man’s infatuation with an early-2000s BBC reality TV show, and what it’s like to be a journalist reporting on crime – and how scary it can get when it turns towards you. We also have two picture-led stories: the first from Matt Rosemier, an ex-convict who made art his currency while serving time in prison; and the second from Jason Bradbury, who went to find out what has come of Jack the Ripper’s murder locations, and reflects on how we should approach such sites now.

Act III provides recommendations and reviews across podcasts, books and films.